Digital Mastering
Digital mastering involves the final balancing of audio for an intended output format or broadcast channel. Mastering is complex and often performed poorly, giving sub-optimal, or even poor results, sometimes on the misunderstanding that loudness is the intended outcome. Epic Audio media have extensive experience in mastering for a variety of different types of music with a proven track record in releases worldwide. Our viewpoint is that the process of mastering is a process that involves the stakeholders from the artist, the passing plant and the release companies and that often, artists who master their own work do not produce results which fully satisfy the stakeholders or the intended audience, or do not influence the listener enough to attract investment.

Epic Audio Media provide a complete mastering process, working closely with the stakeholders to identify the intended outcome (sound) and produce masters which stand out from other, less professional, results. We have access to the latest technology, including, analogue, digital, intelligent and retro modelling processes and can redefine the unmastered material for either sharp, digital sound or warmer, analogues sound. We provide a free test mastering service for new clients to demonstrate our service prior to agreeing the way forward with a suite of audio mastering processes.

Vinyl Mastering
As with digital mastering, Epic Audio Media have extensive experience in the production of vinyl format masters. Vinyl format mastering differs from digital format mastering in that the masters must satisfy additional criteria for the physical cutting of a the vinyl itself, whilst maintaining tonal balance with zero distortion. This is often not fully understood by amateur mastering engineers.

Epic Audio Media work directly with the customer and can interface with the cutting plant in order to ensure the delivered masters presented are low,risk to the physical cutting process and that the test pressings are optimised to the intended sound defined by the artist.